Historical Markers Placed

1894     White Marble Block at the Grave of Thomas Johnson
1894     Granite Stone at the Site of the Old Monocacy Church
1904     Twelve Immortal Justices Plaque at the Court House
1904     Sign at the Admiral Schley Birthplace
1923     Plaque at the Jerusalem Cemetery
1924     Chief Justice Taney Plaque at the Court House
1924     Old Trails Monument
1932     Thomas Johnson Plaque at the Court House
1932     Cookley's Tavern Plaque
1938     Plaque on the Chief Justice Taney Home
1948     Plaque on the William Tyler Page Birthplace
1948     Wooden Sign at Rose Hill Manor
1955     Plaque on Hessian Barracks
1955     Plaque on the William Tyler Page Boyhood Home
1964     Plaque at the Grave of John Ross and Anne C. Key
1967     New Sign at Rose Hill Manor
1967     New Sign at Admiral Schley Birthplace
1974     Lafayette/Key Plaque on the Ross Home
1975     Lincoln Visit Plaque on the Page/Ramsey Home
1976     "Witness to History" Plaque at the Hessian Barracks
2009     Old Trails (Braddock) Monument Moved
2011     National Park Service Lewis and Clark Eastern Legacy Marker at Hessian Barracks
2012     Interpretive Panel Sign at Braddock Monument in Braddock Heights
2014     "Justice" Plaque at City Hall in Frederick
2014     Rose Hill Manor Plaque
2015     Interpretive Plaque at Frederick City Hall (250th anniversary of the Stamp Repudiation Act)
2017     Interpretive Marker Including Tombstone Map at James-Kimmel Cemetery
2017     DAR Commemorative Bronze Marker on the Harriet Chapel at Catoctin Furnace