Conrad Yoder

Born: 1730 - Canton, Bern, Switzerland
Died: 1790 - Catawba, North Carolina
Buried: In a private tiny cemetery for founders of Yoder family in Catawba, North Carolina
Service: Conrad Yoder was a patriot during the Revolutionary War, supporting the American cause for independence. Age and religious beliefs kept him from active military service. He furnished supplies to the militia of Lincoln County, North Carolina, at the Battle of King’s Mountain. The supplies were valued at 2230 pounds and fifteen shillings, the equivalent of $10,704 US dollars.
Family: Conrad Yoder was born in Switzerland. His family members were Anabaptists and immigrated to Philadelphia in 1746 due to religious intolerance and persecution. Sometime between 1755 and 1760, Conrad migrated to North Carolina, and is considered to be the original pioneer of the Yoder family in North Carolina. In 1762, he bought 200 acres of land in what is now Catawba County.
Conrad became a large land owner, owning more than 1000 acres when he died in 1790. Conrad had three spouses: Christina Klein, (unknown) Seitz, and Catherine Huffman. Conrad’s children (and their spouses) included: David (Elizabeth Reep) and John (Mary Barbara Reep).