Cornelius Ward

Born: 1750 in Maryland
Died: August 11, 1795 - Western Maryland
Buried: Friend Cemetery, Friendsville, Maryland
Service:  Cornelius was a sharpshooter in Daniel Cresap's Company of Rangers (all expert marksmen) from Washington County. In 1775, they were requested to report to General Washington. They assembled in Frederick City. They left July 18 and marched 22 days to arrive in Cambridge, Massachusetts. After serving well in the Boston area, they were later incorporated into a rifle regiment commanded by Colonel Moses Rawlings.
Family: During the war, Cornelius became acquainted with John Friend. John told Cornelius of the need for a mill in the Friend settlement in the extreme northwest corner of Maryland. After the war, Cornelius transported by land and water a large mill wheel to Friend's settlement and built a mill. He brought with him a son and a daughter. After building the mill, Cornelius and his family stayed in the area until Cornelius passed away in 1795. In that year, Elizabeth, his daughter, married John Friend, Jr. Another son of John Friend, Sr., Gabriel (also a soldier from the war) administered the estate. Cornelius was buried on a hillside, which became The Friend Cemetery. This small cemetery includes several other patriots. A government marker was erected for Cornelius in 1975.