Daniel Gidney (Gedney)
Born: December 15, 1739 - Mamaroneck, Westchester County, New York
Died: December 15, 1790 - Newburgh, Orange County, New York
Buried: Old Town Cemetery, Newburgh, Orange County, New York
Service: Daniel Gedney served as a private in the Ulster County (New York) Militia, 4th Regiment (Land Bounty Rights; 500 acres being a right). Daniel served in Captain Samuel Clark’s Company of Colonel Jonathan Hasbrouck’s Regiment and listed Newburgh in Colonel Clark’s company on June 8, 1778. Daniel servedas a juror for the court of General Sessions of the Peace in 1788.
Family: Daniel Gidney/Gedney married Charlotte Fowler in 1769. Charlotte was the daughter of Samuel Fowler and Charlotte Purdy. Daniel and Charlotte had twelve children. Their children (and spouses) included: Samuel (Rachel Waring), Joshua (Mary Bennett), William (Eleanor Smith), Rebecca (Thomas Woolsey), Mary (Hugh Harris), Daniel (Sarah Maria Wood), Charlotte (Harris), David, Abigail, Eleazer (Charlotte Bailey), Jacob and Joshua. Daniel Gedney was a farmer on Cochecton turnpike in Newburgh, New York. Daniel Gedney did not sign the 1775 the Pledge of Association to abide by the order of the Continental Congress. On the day of the Pledge, he was sent back to the Provincial Congress, Daniel Gedney came before the committee (July 14, 1775), and made affidavit of his intention to abide by the measures of the Continental Congress and pay his share of all the expenses.
Source: Ruttenber & Clark, History of Orange County, New York, p. 49