Edmond J. Fitzgerald

Born: March 18, 1745 - at sea in the Atlantic Ocean
Died: June 6, 1848 - Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Buried: Fitzgerald Family Cemetery, Shockoe, Pittsylvania County, Virginia
Service: Edmond served in Virginia as an ensign and as a first lieutenant in the Virginia militia. He was sworn in as ensign in the Pittsylvania County militia on November 25, 1778. Then, he was sworn in as first lieutenant on April 18, 1781. Edmond gave material aid and signed the Oath of Allegiance in Pittsylvania County, Virginia.
Family: Edmond was the son of James Fitzgerald and Mary O’Brien of Ireland. Edmond was married to Mildred (Millicent) Payne in 1774. Mildred was born in 1762 in Halifax County, Virginia, and was the daughter of Reuben and Agnes Wade Payne. Edmond and Mildred had eight children: Rueben, Nancy, James, Elizabeth, Edmond, William, and Samuel.

Photo by Chris Hanks