Edward Salmon
Born: August 19, 1743/1746 - England
Died:  June 29, 1809 - Frederick County, Maryland
Buried: The Old Reformed Cemetery (Memorial Park), Bentz Street, Frederick, Maryland
Service: Edward Salmon served as a private in the Maryland militia under Captain Phillip Maroney in the Regiment of the Flying Camp. Edward participated in the Battle of Brandywine. His regiment marched to New York in July of 1776 and then proceeded to headquarters on York Island.
Family:  Edward was known as Captain Edward Salmon as he held a position in the English Army, bearing the rank of Captain before immigrating to America. Edward married Elizabeth Keller (1755-February 1819) in 1775 in Mt. Pleasant District, Frederick County, Maryland. Edward and Elizabeth’s children (and their spouses) included: Mary (Peter Buckey), Elizabeth (George Getzendanner) and Frederick (Amelia Philips).