Henry Greenfield Sothoron

Born: circa 1734 - St. Mary’s County, Maryland
Died: February 4, 1793 - St. Mary’s County, Maryland
Buried: The Plains, Sothoron family cemetery, Golden Beach, St. Mary’s County, Maryland
Service: Committee of Safety and Correspondence, St. Mary’s County, Maryland , Captain, Sixth Battalion, St. Mary’s County, Maryland militia by 1776.
Family: Henry Greenfield Sothoron was born fourth generation and resided in Upper Resurrection Hundred. Henry was an Anglican and planter called merchant 1768 and 1771. He served in the Lower House, St. Mary’s County 1757-1766, and in Conventions for St. Mary’s County 1774 and 1775. He also served as Justice 1768-1777; trustee of Charlotte Hall School 1774; churchwarden, All Faith Parish 1774-1777; and All Faith Parish Vestry 1774, 1792-1793. Henry inherited 290 acres in St. Mary’s County; acquired more than 2,000 acres in St. Mary’s and Charles counties (800 acres in Charles County co-owned with Zachariah Bond, where in 1771, the 800 acres were sold). Henry’s father was John Johnson Sothoron and his mother was Mary Jowles, daughter of Henry Peregrine Jowles and wife Dryden.
Source: Biographical Dictionary of the Maryland Legislature 1635-1789 by Edward C. Papenfuse, et.al. Maryland Archives.