Henry Griffith, Sr.
Born: February 14, 1720 – Annapolis, Anne Arundel County, Maryland
Died: September 28, 1794 – Montgomery County, Maryland
Service: Henry was the Frederick County representative of the Association of Freemen. Henry Griffith was one of a committee of four to raise gold and silver for the patriot cause in Frederick County. On April 24, 1775, Henry with ninety-nine others met in Annapolis, formed the Association of Freemen, and took over the Government of Maryland. Henry served as commissioner for the creation of Montgomery County, serving as justice of Montgomery County when Montgomery County was created from Frederick County in September 1776. Henry Griffith was on the committee to select a site for the Montgomery County Court House.
Family: Henry married Elizabeth Dorsey of Edward and Sarah (Todd) Dorsey in 1741. Elizabeth died on Christmas Eve, 1749. Henry married his second wife, Ruth Dorsey Hammond of John and Ann Dorsey Hammond, in 1751. Henry’s children (and their spouses) included: Samuel (Ruth Berry), Philemon (Eleanor Jacob), Henry (Sarah Warfield; Sarah Davis), Rachel (Samuel Welch), Joshua (Elizabeth Ridgely) Eleanor (John Burgess) and Ruth (Amon Riggs).
Source: Archives of Maryland, Vol. 11, pp. 4, 67, 132; SCHARF, History of Maryland, Vol. 2, p 176; A biographical dictionary of the Maryland Legislature, 1635-1789, p 378