James Meadows
Born: circa 1759 - Orange County, Virginia
Died: 1844 - Rockingham County, Virginia
Buried: The Old Hensley burying ground five miles east of Elkton
Service: James Meadows was a private, and he served under Captain Burly (Burnley), Captain Huston, Colonel Taylor, and Colonel Rush. James enlisted about the second or third year of the Revolutionary War, and served for two and a half years under Captain Garland Burnley, Colonel Francis Taylor’s Virginia Regiment. He was discharged in April 1781. In May of 1781, he enlisted as a substitute for Benjamin Harvey of Rockingham County, Virginia, who was drafted as a Militiaman. He served three months and was in the Battles of Burnt Chimneys and Hot Water and several skirmishes. He was approved for pension September 17, 1832 (Certification No. 6783) at a sum of $80.00 per year on March 2, 1833 at the age of 72 years.
Family: James Meadows was the brother of William Meadows and the son of Francis Meadows. All three of them served in the Revolutionary War. James Meadows was born in Orange County, Virginia (date unknown), and moved with his parents to Rockingham County, Virginia, when he was a small boy. He lived in that county his entire life. James married Catherine Boswell. Their children (and their spouses) included: Thomas W (Elizabeth Breeding), John (Mary Harness) and Nellie (Benjamin Hensley).