Peter DeMoss
Born: December 11, 1752 - New Jersey
Died: September 26, 1841 - Pendleton County, Kentucky
Buried: Originally, Demossville, Pendleton County, Peter was buried in a cemetery near the Campbell County line on the banks of the Licking River. He was reburied in Grandview Cemetery, Mentor, Campbell County, Kentucky in 1965.
Service: Peter enlisted as a private on August 1775 at Winchester, Virginia, under Captain John Nevelle in the 12th Virginia Regiment, commanded by Colonel Charles Scott. He reenlisted at Philadelphia on August 14, 1776, when his original one year enlistment was up. Peter stated in his pension record (No. S.10558), dated October 19, 1818, at the age 66, that he wintered at Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, with General George Washington and that he was in the Battle of Monmouth, New Jersey. He continued service until shortly before the surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown in 1781.
Family: Peter DeMoss is recorded in July 1753, living in Frederick County, Virginia (today: Berkeley County, West Virginia) with his parents, Fannie & Charles DeMoss & brother Andrew.

Grave photo taken by Frank Grimes on May 14, 2010