Thomas Delano, Sr.
Born: December 24, 1726 - Tolland, Hartford County, Connecticut
Died: September 8, 1803 - Sharon, Litchfield County, Connecticut
Service: Thomas served as a Minuteman in 1776, on the Committee of Inspection in 1776, as a grand juror in 1779, and as a surveyor of highways in 1781.
Family: Thomas Delano, Sr., was listed in Sharon, Litchfield County, Connecticut, with his wife Lois (unknown surname). Their children (and spouses) included: Elisha (Mary Atherton), Thomas Jr. (Olive Griswold), Reuben (Joanna Sackett), Hannah (Reuben Doty), and Benjamin (Saviah Clark).
Source: Johnston, Connecticut men in the revolution, p. 611; Mullen, Connecticut town meeting records, Vol. 2, pp. 287, 288, 294, 296